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Written and Directed by

Louis Emmitt-Stern


Breadcrumbs in jars.

Breadcrumbs in jars in jars in jars."


Brothers Grimm meet Karl Marx in this two-hander reworking of a classic fairytale. Swapping out the forest for the boxing ring, a brother-sister duo a with fierce appetite find themselves homeless, hungry, and ready to punch.


Exploring the class divide in London through the world of amateur boxing, Louis Emmitt-Stern's adaption of Hansel & Gretel is currently in development, having recently undergone an initial week-long workshop process. 

Following All The Blue Areas, Hansel & Gretel marks the second project for theatre company PillowFight, established by Louis Emmitt-Stern and Tom William Wales

R&D Workshop

Guildford School of Acting

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