Written & Directed by Louis Emmitt-Stern


“Theres a little hut by the lake but no one lives there.

The lights are off.

It’s quiet.”


They lost the business. Now they run their gay-porn website from their living room. Joshua’s coming home. At least Jan hopes so. But when home because a hub for a past fo regrets, it’s hard to make way for the future. Whilst a desperate father tries to earn time with his son, a terrible accident occurs deep beneath all the blue areas. 

All The Blue Areas was awarded a 'No Strings Attached' arts grant by Farnham Matings, and subsequently premiered at Ivy Arts Centre, Guildford, on 26 November 2020, directed by the writer, designed by Melanie Zaft, lighting design by Antonio Josephedies, and sound design by Caitlin Plummer.

"There is little doubt of Louis’ ability as a director, with this best evidenced in the performances he was able to draw out of his actors. Creativity and vision are hugely important for a director, and Louis has these in bounds." (YGTV).

"Overwhelming, disturbing & timely"  (Dr Adam Alston, Goldsmiths University)


"A sparkling gem of original theatre" (Gibraltar Magazine)